Project Update: BuyAnyLight Evaluation by Capital Firms, Investment Bank, Collaboration with Crypto Exchanges and New Website

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Dear BAL Community,

We are glad to announce that BuyAnyLight is currently being evaluated by two leading Venture Capital firms and an Investment Bank from Dubai, U.A.E. As per latest negotiations with the respective investment entities, the evaluation phase will continue until mid of March 2020.

Furthermore, we are also thrilled to announce that we have successfully qualified for second phase of our negotiation with two top-tier exchanges (ranked in top-20 volume wise). During the first phase, the BuyAnyLight project was evaluated and is now eligible to proceed towards the next phase. In this stage, we will enter an official partnership with the respective exchanges, which would cover BAL listing on IEO Launchpads, marketing activities of the BAL IEO Sale, and finally, listing of the BAL Token on these exchanges.

We are expecting the official agreements to be signed by end of February, immediately after which a joint press release would be issued and Pre-IEO marketing activities would be launched. The main IEO would be launched by 1st week of April 2020. In the meantime, the Pre-IEO sale will still be active, and token buyers would receive the existing 17.5% bonus on their purchases.

Finally, the entire BuyAnyLight website is currently totally redesigned and we expect things to go live within the next two weeks. We will also be adding further language support to reach out to the Asian crypto community.

We thank our wonderful community for their unwavering support during the last few months! We hope that with the latest Venture Capital Firm and Investment Bank evaluation, as well as our partnerships with Crypto Exchanges, the community interest and support will further grow for the BuyAnyLight project.

Best regards,
Leadership Team

Ranked as 1st on ICO Bench, BuyAnyLight Secured Excellent Score on ICO Rating Sites

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BuyAnyLight, a blockchain-based light sourcing platform from Dubai, U.A.E. has secured excellent ratings from the leading ICO/IEO Listing and rating sites.

On ICO Bench, which ranks among the most credible ICO Rating Platforms, BuyAnyLight IEO has managed to get a score of 5/5. The rating is given by ICO Benchy, which is the automated system based on AI that intelligently rates ICOs, without leaving any room for bias, measuring a project by many factors including but not limited to social exposure, team background and expertise and product presentation. Furthermore, evaluated by Industry Experts, the overall rating BuyAnyLight has secured, from ICO Bench, is 4.9/5. The overall evaluation has put BuyAnyLight on number one position among all listed ICOs/IEOs.

Moreover, CoinCodex, another leading ICO Rating platform has rated BuyAnyLight a score of 4.9/5. Also, on ICOMarks — another notable ICO rating site — BuyAnyLight managed to get a score of 9.3/10.

Having formally launched by October 2019, BuyAnyLight has managed to establish itself as a strong contender for IEO to be conducted in the first quarter of 2020. Getting excellent ratings by top ICO rating sites speaks the hard work and efforts our team has been putting behind the scenes: both before and after going to the public.

We at the management side are delighted with this news and as a reward to our community for the unwavering support, we are giving a bonus of 5–10 % allocation as referral commission when someone makes a purchase through their referral link.

Furthermore, as part of our Pre-IEO sale plan, we are also allowing 17.5 % discount on the IEO Price, for each participant purchasing the tokens during the Pre-IEO sale. To get tokens at a discount price, or get your unique referral link, please visit our dashboard and register yourself now!

For more information about BuyAnyLight visit our website

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Blockpass and BuyAnyLight Announce Partnership to Bring PASS Rebate to Blockpass Users

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Blockpass has announced a partnership with decentralized LED sourcing platform, BuyAnyLight. Through AdPASS, Blockpass will offer community members the opportunity to earn a 5% rebate on any token sale purchases in PASS, in addition to any promotions on offer by BuyAnyLight (BAL).

BAL is a decentralized purchase, procurement and delivery platform that has transformed the way of sourcing LED lighting. The BAL Platform gives users the best possible prices for any light from BAL manufacturers, while ensuring cargo providence through automated tracking, world-class logistics and first-class consultancy. Through trustless orders and secure payment, purchasers can buy LED lighting knowing they are getting the best possible solution for their needs.

Blockpass is digital identity verification provider which provides a one-click compliance gateway to financial services and other regulated industries. Through the Blockpass Marketplace, App Users gain access to exclusive offers, rebates and redemptions from the Blockpass ecosystem of partners. The main value of Blockpass lies in its ability to provide cost effective and simple KYC whilst giving users control over their personal data. In addition, this reusable KYC service becomes even more efficient and attractive as the number of Blockpass partners in the Marketplace grows and the size of the ecosystem increases.

One of the key utilities that we are always striving for at Blockpass is the ability to add more value to our App users,” said Blockpass CEO Adam Vaziri. “When partners like BuyAnyLight join our platform to offer our App users and community members an exclusive offer like a 5% rebate on their token sale, it reinforces to our users that Blockpass really is the best solutions to their needs while also bringing the benefit of added exposure to the services we work with.

“While dealing in Almani Lighting LLC, Dubai, we often have to face the issues such as: trust deficiency between buyers and suppliers, hectic payment process because of banks and traditional payment processors, delayed or even defected deliveries within the logistic process, high intermediary costs and expensive pricing of the LED products. Moreover, buyers also face this issue of not having a proper understanding of the products they need, their specifications, and consequently increasing the chances of getting the wrong product at the wrong price.

This real-life problem led to the birth of BuyAnyLight which uses blockchain, smart contracts, AI and BigData to ensure the trustless execution of LED light sourcing at competitive market rates. The BAL Platform uses smart contracts to enable trustless execution of orders and payment processing. It enables traceable logistics by harnessing the power of blockchain whereby all delivery activities right from the manufacturer to the end consumer are recorded on a transparent blockchain. Moreover, the BAL Platform eliminates the role of banks and payment processors by offering a peer to peer and almost instant payments enabled by BAL Token.”

Since launching the Marketplace in August, Blockpass has partnered with ADAX, Glenbit, DACX, LegacyTrust and more to bring exclusive offers to its community. To partner with Blockpass, visit

Blockpass has expanded in size and use over the past year, with the inauguration of the Blockpass Identity Lab in partnership with Edinburgh Napier University in September 2018, followed by a number of new partnerships and collaborations with companies from a variety of industries and interests. Blockpass continues to develop its digital identity protocol with updates and additions to improve the compliance experience. Blockpass is seeing rapidly increasing numbers of users in the past few months as its identity verification solution is used for ICOs, STOs and IEOs, supporting a number of successful fundraisers in the past few months. The Blockpass App is available from the App Store and Google Play.

About Blockpass IDN

Blockpass offers digital identity verification for businesses that participate in regulated industries, including crypto wallets and exchanges, virtual banks, traditional financial institutions and gaming. Blockpass provides an alternative process to cumbersome, repetitive and expensive Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) verification through an easy-to-use mobile application and seamless merchant dashboard. For individuals, Blockpass is a secure, user-centric gateway to financial services and other regulated offerings, allowing one-click KYC submission. Blockpass alleviates the pain of opening new accounts and redoing KYC over and over. Registered in Hong Kong, Blockpass IDN is a joint venture of Infinity Blockchain Labs and Chain of Things.

For more information and updates, please visit and sign up to the following:

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About BAL

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an innovative platform that strives to decentralize the process of LED light sourcing by reducing the role of intermediaries while offering lighting products at the most competitive market rates. The platform harnesses the power of blockchain combined with artificial intelligence (AI) and Big Data to enable consumers and manufacturers to acquire or source lighting products in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way.

Currently, the BAL Platform and all of its modules are deployed as a centralized architecture. However, in our bid to expand and scale our platform on a global scale and to take advantage of the features offered by blockchain and cryptography, the BAL Marketplace will be decentralized and extended as per the roadmap.

Website: https:






The global platform for LED lighting


BuyAnyLight (BAL) Platform Set to Revolutionize the LED Lighting Industry with Blockchain, AI, and Smart Contracts

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BuyAnyLight (BAL), a Dubai based light sourcing company with shared origin from Almani Lighting Gmbh, Germany, has recently launched its online platform. The platform allows buyers — private homes, consultants, contractors, architects and project owners — to submit their requirements and acquire quality LED products at competitive market pricing.

The BAL platform innovates the way the existing market players i.e., consultants, contractors, and project owners to procure LED lighting products by making the process seamless, efficient, and trustless. It harnesses the power of blockchain, AI, Big Data, and Smart Contracts, ensuring that both buyers and sellers are protected.

Explaining the BAL platform, Mr. Johannes Eidens, the founder, and CEO was quoted saying, “My half a decade of experience with the LED lighting industry presented various issues that need solutions. One of the problems is the lack of trust between buyers and suppliers; another one is the hectic and expensive payment process. A major problem is also the non-transparent nature of logistics and supply chain process which often results in delayed shipments and defective products.” Explained Mr. Johannes

“Moreover, the involvement of intermediaries adds to the overall costs. Buyers also have difficulties understanding the LED product they need. They do not know the correct product specifications and the chances of getting pricey and the wrong LED products are high” Mr. Eidens continued.

These real-life problems led to the birth of BuyAnyLight, which uses blockchain, smart contracts, AI, and BigData to ensure the trustless execution of LED light sourcing at competitive market rates.

“The BAL Platform enables traceable logistics by harnessing the power of blockchain whereby all delivery activities right from the manufacturer to the end consumer are recorded on a transparent blockchain. In addition to that, we eliminate the role of banks and payment processors by enabling peer to peer, almost instant payments enabled by BAL Token.” Mr. Johannes explained.

Mr. Martin Heyen, who is co-founder and CFO, said, “It is imperative to mention that the BAL Platform has already been developed and is available for usage on our website. So, unlike traditional startups that are selling dreams, we have utilized our own resources, time, and efforts for the last one and a half years to develop a fully operational platform. It is now time for the community and the angel investors to support and help us grow and scale further. Together, with the support of the community, we are confident that the BuyAnyLight Platform has the potential to disrupt the global LED industry, a 112.5 Billion Dollar industry within the next five years.”

The BuyAnyLight Platform is currently holding a Pre-IEO Token-Sale, whereby it is allowing small and medium ticket investors to participate within the fundraising process, starting from a minimum ticket size of USD 50. To participate in the token sale, a respective investor needs to purchase BAL Token, which is the native token of the BuyAnyLight financial ecosystem. During the private sale, the price per token is USD 0.25, while within the IEO, the token will be offered at a price of USD 0.3030. This means that the Pre-IEO investors will get a 17% discount on the IEO price, which is scheduled in the first week of February 2019.

About BuyAnyLight

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an innovative online platform that strives to decentralize the process of LED light sourcing by reducing the role of intermediaries while offering lighting products at the most competitive market rates. It shares its origin from Almani Lighting, which has been serving the UAE market since 2015 and has a diverse portfolio of assisting leading institutions and corporate organizations in sourcing them the right LED lighting products. The platform has already registered over 400 manufacturers and 10,000+ platform users. Its leadership and operations team consists of 35+ passionate team developers, blockchain evangelists, marketing specialists, fintech experts, and brand builders who are working for a global, scalable, and sustainable, long-term growth.

To know more about the project, click here and to participate in the token sale, visit here.BuyAnyLight

The global marketplace for LED lighting



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We are glad to share that we are offering a referral campaign for BuyAnyLight Pre-IEO sale, whereby you earn you a commission of up to 10% (In BTC/ETH) on the tokens purchase via your unique link.

To create your unique link, register on, and click on Referral Link Button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have created your unique referral link, you can share it with your friends, family or followers, and each sale made via the respective link would earn you a commission of up to 10%. A detailed breakdown of the commission allocation is given below:

  • 10% for up to 5000 BAL Tokens purchased
  • 7.5% for up to 10000 BAL Tokens purchased
  • 5% for anything above 10000 BAL Tokens purchased

Note: This is a limited time offer and is reserved for Pre-IEO Sale only.

Buyanylight: Its origin and how it aims to resolve the issues faced by lighting industry

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BuyAnyLight (BAL) Platform, a project of Almani Lighting GmbH, Germany, is a state-of-the-art light sourcing platform based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with a strong presence in the Middle East and European markets. Founded in 2015, parent company Almani Lighting was established with a mission of providing high quality LED lighting at reasonable costs and has been offering quality lighting solutions not only across Germany but also establishing a strong presence in Dubai, UAE. We have broad competency in information technology (IT) and software development, which has helped to grow into one of the leading UAE based LED suppliers.

The parent company i.e., Almani Lighting, despite its success in the field of light sourcing, still uses a physical lighting store and infrastructure while also utilizing outdated methods for light sourcing. Considering the experience we have gained within the market and based on our experience in the industry, we realized there was a strong demand for quality LED lights at a reasonable cost in the global sphere, not just on the local level. We also realized there was no online lighting consultation available, no trusted platform out there where individual and b2b buyers could get a consultancy for their entire project and the lights at reasonable prices as well.

And that is where BuyAnyLight comes into play. Its blockchain deployed platform help us make the light sourcing process seamless and cost effective. Not only for individual buyers and home owners, the BAL Platform also enables businesses, consultants, contractors or even retailers to list down their requirements in a dedicated buyer Inquiry on our platform, and our AI power matching engine ensures that they get the best products from the best manufacturers at a far lesser price compared to market price.

We believe that with ALMANI, we have built a strong supplier network and developed all our knowledge within the LED industry. We now have one of the most significant LED portfolios, and we have put our entire expertise for sourcing LEDs and understanding the needs of an LED buyer into BAL to make this accessible globally level! The BAL Platform can establish itself as a worldwide platform for all sorts of LED lighting needs.

Enabling Trustless payments and risk-free transactions. 

In most business transactions executed in companies such as Almani Lighting, there is a trust deficit among the transacting parties, i.e., buyers and sellers. On the BAL Platform, you enjoy a 100% payment protection guarantee because blockchain based Smart Contracts secure your payment until you get what you asked for. We use Smart Contracts, which work as self-exciting contracts so you can get consultation and product selection in a trusted environment, without having to pay any upfront costs. Furthermore, your payment is secured with BAL until the goods reach their destination. BAL acts as the trustee for every transaction, so your funds are safe with us.

Our goal is to ensure that your light sourcing project is seamless and hassle‐free. That’s why we allow you to chat directly with BAL experts until you’ve chosen and confirmed your deal. Even then, we serve as trustee for your payments and handle logistics, so you get your order safely and on time. Just upload your project requirements via BAL’s user‐friendly interface, then sit back while our team of experts presents you with the best possible solution and an excellent quote!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you choose to work with BuyAnyLight!

What are the issues solved by BuyAnyLight while leveraging blockchain, AI, and Smart Contracts?

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Sourcing whether of construction material or lighting products has always been a hectic and cumbersome process. It requires a client (whether a homeowner or a business or even contractor) to look for vendors, ask for quotations, select the best bid, make a prepayment, and then wait to receive the products. All this process is still manual and requires effort and time, which sometimes is the most important when it comes to executing a project. 

In the section below, we discuss some of the main issues faced by buyer s and suppliers within the industry, which is then followed by the solutions offered by BuyAnyLight. 


i). Trust deficiency between buyers and suppliers: This is not 1 or 2 lights, but orders of a fairly large scale for homes or towers or contracts.

ii). Price issues: buyers want to buy cheap while retailers (and manufacturers) want to sell expensive.

iii). Logistic Issues: Traceability is a major concern when it comes to big orders and delays; defected orders is a normal routine within the industry.

iv) Payment issues: Often, payments get stuck with buyers, which causes massive losses for suppliers.

v). The traditional sourcing process is slow and hectic: You need to choose a vendor, make a prepayment, and then wait for weeks if not months for the order to be delivered. In the mean, while all you can do is chase your vendor as you don’t have any traceability of the order.

Solutions by BuyAnyLight:

This changes completely with BuyAnyLight.

Seamless Order Placement:

With the BuyAnyLight platform, you simply submit your requirements by creating a buyer account on Based on the requirements submitted, the BuyAnyLight platform (Light Finder) AI-based matching engine assesses it and present it to the right manufacturers, who are given an opportunity of trustless, transparent bidding. The most reasonable offer is selected and presented to you, the buyer.

Secured Payments:

Once you have approved, you make the payment, which is held within Smart Contracts (enforceable programmable contracts), which release the amount only once the order has been delivered to you.

Traceable Logistics:

All these activities, right from the manufacturer to the supply chain and then to you are monitored by oracles (datafeeds) and each step is recorded on a blockchain, so traceability  and transparency is added, and you can check it on an explorer. Take for example once an order is processed to a manufacturer, the first step of products being packaged is recorded on blockchain. Next, when they are loaded and shipped, the process is again recorded on a blockchain network. Similarly, all steps within the supply chain process are recorded and are available for the buyer to seen. 

Trustless, Low Cost Transactions Help in Fair Pricing
Furthermore, as all transactions are trustless, so the need for an intermediary such as retailer, supplier, or any sort of middleman is removed entirely, which not only eliminates the trust issues but also reduces the costs significantly, thus helping us offer quality products at far better rates. 

Important Update:

BuyAnyLight platform is currently hosting a Pre-IEO round sale, which will be carried out until 30th of January, 2020. Participants of the token-sale will have the advantage of a 17.5% token discount during the event. We are glad to invite you to join us, click the link to enter our private token sale today!

Connect with us if you have comments, queries and suggestions. Join on Telegram — or email us at [email protected]

How is BuyAnyLight helping the transformation from traditional lighting to LED?

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Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy consumption, and reduced electricity bills for every household. Using generic or traditional lighting in this post‐millennial age is like travelling by horse in the 21st century! You deserve a custom lighting solution using LED lights that are energy-efficient, eco‐friendly and something that saves you lots of money on electricity bills. 

However, when it comes to the sourcing of the LED lights on a relatively medium or large scale, the LED lighting industry still uses conventional and ineffective methods for sourcing, with marketplaces controlled by third-party mediators and payments often getting stuck either with a client or because of defected product delivery. This not only adds to the cost but also makes the process hectic and time-consuming. Consequently, suppliers often miss out on contracts while contractors or builders miss their deadlines. Similarly, private homeowners who lack the expertise and knowledge about LED products often purchase subpar products at higher prices.

BAL is an online platform that revolutionizes the light sourcing Industry by streamlining the process of buying, selling, sourcing, and consultation for light products. It uses modern-age technologies such as blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI, and Big Data to ensure that buyers get the best LED lighting products at the most reasonable rates. 

There indeed exists a multitude of light sourcing platforms. However, they work only to ensure that your project gets lighting products from a small list of selected companies. The companies hire lighting designers to choose for you from selected brands, which not only add to the cost but also result in unwanted delays. These designers create an approved vendors list for the project — with items they have selected for the lighting design proposal — and hand over their work to the respective project consultants. 

We believe that this will change completely with BuyAnyLight, whereby your request for quotation is presented to over 300 manufacturers, who do open bidding, from which the most reasonable offer is selected and presented to the buyer. Furthermore, all payments are secured by blockchain based self-enforceable Smart Contracts, meaning that payments are released once you have received your products. 

The BAL Platform will serve as a replacement for centralized e-commerce marketplaces of lighting products, with the capacity to expand to other business areas as well. We believe that adding custom LED lights to your space not only enables you to save energy and money but also helps protect our planet and gives a far greater range of aesthetic and design choices.

In the coming years, the LED Lighting industry is expected to reach USD 112.5 Billion, which will primarily relate to energy-saving and digitization. Along with government mandates for energy efficiency, growing consumer awareness about the environment and the durability of these lights are the drivers for the growing adoption of LEDs. We believe that BuyAnyLight will be a key industry player, and its early supporters will have an active role in the transformation of this market sector.  

If you share the same vision with us, you can participate in our token sale, whereby we are offering BAL Tokens at a discounted rate of USD 0.25 Per BAL Token. Join our Pre-IEO Token Sale Now!

How does BuyAnyLight aim to be the Industry Leader?

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Whether you’re an individual sourcing light for a personal project, a lighting company or a consultant managing a project, you’ll all face similar challenges: you need to seek out and inspect a wide variety of products, compare prices and choose the best offer – always with a keen eye on project deadlines and worry about the payments. What’s more, the LED world is full of poor quality products (often at very high prices). It’s a time‐ consuming, a stressful minefield.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an online platform that strives to resolve all issues by making the process of buying, selling, sourcing, and design consultation as seamless and without trustless. Although there exists a variety of existing vendors, who can help you source LED products, yet their sourcing process is hectic and outdated. Moreover, they also involve a big number of third-party intermediaries, which makes the process complicated and expensive, not to mention these platforms work only with a small number of selected manufacturers on a commission basis. Consequently, a buyer has a limited variety to choose from while also having to pay a higher fee.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) revolutionizes the light sourcing process by providing a ready-to-use platform where all you need as a buyer is to list down your requirements and that too in an effortless way e.g., by uploading pictures of the light products you need. Once your requirements are submitted, the Light Finder Smart Matching engine presents it to a big set of manufacturers who deal with the same lighting products that you require. They bid in a trustless manner, and the best bid is presented to the buyer directly in his dashboard — no more intermediaries, retailers, or third party vendors and crucially – at a fraction of the quotes you’d receive from local lighting companies.

We believe that BuyAnyLight has the potential to serve as a replacement for centralized marketplaces of lighting products and traditional sourcing process, with the capacity to expand to other business areas as well. We are confident that the trustless execution of light sourcing is a business that will grow, adding trust among the parties with the evolution of blockchain and transactions carried out on the distributed ledger platform, providing quality LED products in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way.

With the BAL Platform, you get a one-stop platform for all of your lighting needs! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you choose to work with BuyAnyLight! Simply register online, then choose a package that suits your needs.


BuyAnyLight platform is currently hosting a Pre-IEO round sale, which will be carried out until 30th of January, 2020. Participants of the token-sale will have the advantage of a 17.5% token discount during the event. We are glad to invite you to join us, click the link to enter our private token sale today!  

Connect with us if you have comments, queries and suggestions. Join on Telegram — or email us at [email protected]

MyHome: Your brightest solution for your next home lighting project!

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Are you planning to upgrade your existing home lighting to the more advanced and energy-efficient LED cost-effectively? Do you want to acquire high-quality products at the most affordable rates while ensuring there is no payment risk involved?

Well, you should be, as your home deserves a custom lighting solution using LED lights that are energy-efficient, eco‐friendly, and save you lots of money on electricity bills. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not lighting experts, and the quotes they receive from local lighting companies are far too high.

At BuyAnyLight MyHome, we’ve got you covered!

The BuyAnyLight MyHome is an innovative LED sourcing platform that gives you access to experts, saves you time, and helps you make incredible savings on your lighting purchases for your home and villas. We offer lighting specialists, and our goal is to provide you with the best lighting solution for your home at the best possible price. We provide you with quality products that will meet all your lighting objectives, and crucially — at a fraction of the quotes you’d receive from local lighting companies.

But, BAL doesn’t stop there. We offer you the option of a one‐to‐one consultation with a lighting expert who can help you with any unique needs of your project. It enables individual homeowners, including those with no experience, to get expert consultation and purchase world-class light products at an economical price. We believe that adding custom LED lights to your home not only enables you to save energy and money but also helps protect our planet and gives a far greater range of aesthetic and design choices.

How does it work?

To start, visit our website and register yourself as a buyer.

Once you have logged in,

i) choose the My Home package.

ii) Upload your lighting requirements, or share pictures with us of the lighting that you are currently using in your home.

iii) Our team of experts will explore the best technology and design options and present you with a quote for your LED light project quickly and efficiently.

iv) Accept the quotation and make payment.

v) That’s it.

BuyAnyLight MyHome protocol disintermediates the process of light sourcing by utilizing smart contracts and blockchain, which not only result in reduced fee but also adds to the trust, plus you’ll also get huge savings on electricity bills— no more dealing with local stores that exploit your inexperience and sell you their old stock at high prices! BAL raises the quality, lowers the costs, and gives you a far more pleasing outcome all round.

Why is BAL the best lighting solution option for homeowners?

• Zero Risk- With Smart Contracts, Tokenized Payments, and Blockchain-based secure and transparent transactions, the BAL MyHome platform is designed to put homeowners at zero risks with their orders. Order with no upfront payments and get access to world‐class lighting solutions at the lowest possible prices, ensuring that you get complete peace of mind.

• Concierge Level Support – We understand that many homeowners have limited LED lighting knowledge. That’s why we have a support expert standing by to guide you through the entire procedure, from submitting your requirements to receiving your LED at your door.

• The Best Prices – When we said that BuyAnyLight offers the best possible price in the world for LED lighting around the world, we meant it. By using BAL, you’ll save up to 90% compared to sourcing your LED lights through other channels.

• Hassle-Free- The BAL online system is seamless and easy to use. Simply choose a package, upload your requirements, receive your BAL quote, approve and make the payment, and your beautiful new LED lights will arrive at your doorstep!

To learn more about BAL MyHome and how it works, please check out the video below. Video Link:

The BuyAnyLight project is currently holding a Pre-IEO sale, whereby it is allowing its buyers to get access to the platform by purchasing BAL Tokens at a discounted price of USD 0.25 per Token. This is a 17.5% Discount on the IEO price. Get your tokens now at If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or contact us at any of our social channels.