BuyAnyLight Launches BAL Token Airdrop Campaign

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BuyAnyLight, in its pursuit of giving back to the community, is launching an airdrop campaign for BAL Token — The Inherent Token within the BuyAnyLight ecosystem. 

The event is focused on raising awareness about the BuyAnyLight platform and as an appreciation for the support. BuyAnyLight is offering BAL Tokens worth of USD 4.5-38.5 (depending on the social tasks and referrals) to its new and existing users.

Details are as follow:

Reward: 15 BAL Tokens for completing the Airdrop actions as per the Airdrop Bot


Referral Reward: 5 BAL Token Per Referral

1.      All invited subscribers MUST be real people (fakes are not allowed).

2.      All invited subscribers should stay in the community till the end of the Token Sale

3.      Follow instructions/task given by the Airdrop Bot: @buyanylight_bot

Compulsory tasks are (as instructed by the bot):

You must join the telegram community and telegram announcement channel

You must follow the Twitter page and retweet the pinned post

You must sign up on our website.

What is BAL Token?

BAL is the native token of the BuyAnyLight platform, which is a fully regulated, and operational lighting marketplace based in Dubai, UAE. BAL Token would allow holders to access the BAL platform, purchase its products, and access any services and solutions.

 What makes BuyAnyLight stand out among the competitors?

BAL Platform is a fully operational entity associated with Almani Lighting LLC, a leading lighting company with strong footings in UAE and German markets. It uses blockchain-based decentralized architecture for enabling seamless order processing, secure and trustless payments, traceable provenance and logistics, and guaranteed on-time delivery: all at competitive market rates.

 How to Participate in the Airdrop?

Our Intelligent Telegram Bot will assist you in this process. It will provide you with the steps to work on. Following all steps and subscribing successfully will make you eligible to receive 15 BAL Tokens having a total worth of USD 4.5. Furthermore, there are special instructions set by the bot that could give you more chances of earning more tokens. 

You can earn extra BAL Tokens by referring your friends and family. For every referral made through your unique referral link provided by Airdrop bot, you get 5 BAL Tokens.

 BOT link is as follows:

 Important Links:








Note: Make sure to follow all the steps presented by the Airdrop Bot. Do not post your wallet address anywhere around the Telegram portal.

Referral Bonus: 5 BAL tokens for every successful referral (Maximum referrals capped at 20 referrals per person)

 Who is Eligible for BuyAnyLight Airdrop?

 All users are eligible for the BuyAnyLight Airdrop who completed the steps given by the bot. Existing members are also eligible for the Airdrop. Joining and referral bonuses will also be rewarded to new accounts.

 When do I get my BAL Tokens?

 The BuyAnyLight Tokens are worth 0.303 USD each. It will be handed out once the users successfully registered into BAL dashboard and have generated a BAL wallet.

The Airdrop event starts on October 7, 2019. Join the Telegram group now to get important updates.

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