BuyAnyLight: How It Can Transform the Lighting Industry?

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Blockchain has always been a forerunner to drive the traditional system into a more integrated ecosystem. Though businesses and different sectors seek to leverage on the advancement of blockchains, the world, in general, is not yet ready to embrace it. The lighting industry for an instance hasn’t progressed as it should be. The LED lighting technology is projected to gain up to 95% shares in the next 5 years. An exceedingly lucrative industry that deserves upgrade and modifications.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) main objective is to consolidate the LED lighting industry with blockchain technology. BAL hopes to resolve the adversities of acquiring high-quality yet reasonably priced LED lights. BAL is a platform that can securely connect buyers and suppliers through smart contracts and a safe payment system within an incorruptible record block.

BuyAnyLight is also integrating into the platform the use of tokens known as BAL. The combined breakthrough of blockchain, AI and Big Data made it possible to decentralize the existing system of the lighting industry. The consolidated function of the token is basically intended for purchases within the BAL ecosystem.

BAL token typically allows its users to purchase LED lights from the myriad of manufacturers and suppliers in the platform. On the other hand, sellers within the BAL system are given the capabilities of listing their products, eradicating extra cost for product advertisement.

BAL aspires to be the system of choice for buyers and sellers from the lighting industry. A business model that aims to ensure a quick, efficient and cost-effective exchange of LED lighting products on a global scale.

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