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We recently posted about Bollards price comparison, and the response we got from experts and readers alike are considerable of high intelligence and power.

It is apprehensible that our post was taken out of context. We neither intend to devalue any brands nor contemplate of competing with them. The post objective is to show that there were other ways of acquiring bollards lighting at the most reasonable price. BAL is not an online store that could sell a $25 bollard in an instant. BuyAnyLight is a platform that offers a systematic way of connecting buyers and suppliers/manufacturers to achieve the most desirable results.

The main feature of BuyAnyLIght is to fasten the process of lighting acquisition while removing intermediaries that contribute to the higher cost of LED products. BAL system also integrated blockchain, Big Data and AI technology to create a more secure payment within the system.

We have high regard to international and local lighting brands who have worked hard on their research and development. We also honor commentaries from lighting consultants and experts who partake on the discussions. You all have given us valuable input for improvement and system refinement. Rest assured that we are accepting your feedback constructively to help us enhance BAL products and services.

Should you have queries, comments and suggestions, please connect with us at [email protected]. We are more than glad to assist you.

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