BuyAnyLight is Hosting a Social Bounty for All

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BuyAnyLight is hosting a Social Bounty Campaign for crypto enthusiasts, whereby it strives to incentivize Instagram and Reddit users for performing small tasks such as following, sharing, and liking the BuyAnyLight posts.

Before we go into the details of the bounty, let us give you a brief overview of the BuyAnyLight platform and its native token i.e., BAL Token. BuyAnyLight (BAL) offers a fully operational light sourcing platform with its aim to provide smart, low cost, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for all sorts of consumers, i.e., homeowners, B2B businesses, contractors, and towers.

All transactions happening within the ecosystem are verified and stored in a decentralized ledger, which provides a transparent and auditable trail. The BAL platform also utilizes AI and BigData for its matching engine, helping buyers get their desired products at the right price. Moreover, the BAL platform enables trustless payments through Smart Contracts, which are self-executing programmable contracts, ensuring the role of third-party mediators and notaries is eliminated.

We are glad to share with our community the news that the BuyAnyLight community is thriving. We have recorded a significant growth within two weeks since our launch, we now have over 7500 members on Telegram, over 10000 followers on Twitter, 6000+ members on Facebook and 4200+ followers on Linkedin, and we are still growing. We are glad to have you all on board, and as an appreciation, our marketing team has decided to give Instagram and Reddit users another opportunity to earn free BAL Tokens.


1. Follow our Reddit Account. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on any of our posts. Reward: +8 BAL Tokens

2. Follow our official channel on Instagram. Like any of our post, tell us about what you think about the BuyAnyLight(BAL) project by commenting on it, and share it with your friends.

3. Please send us the screenshots as proof of your participation and upload it in the Google Form provided.

Show us your support once again by starting with this Google form

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