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At BuyAnyLight, our utmost priority is to be the top choice LED lighting solution for all sorts of lighting products, whether residential or commercial. Learning from our industry experience of around half a decade with Almani Lighting LLC, Dubai, UAE, we have found out that the industry is still using outdated methods and tools for sourcing. Consequently, there exists a significant trust deficit between light sourcing companies and buyers, which often result in unwanted product deliveries and delayed payments. Moreover, the payment process is hectic and mainly involves several payment processors or banks, which not only hinders the process but also adds to the costs.

Other issues faced by users include but are not limited to:

  • Lack of Technical Expertise: A novice buyer is not able to comprehend the technical specifications of the LED products. This includes Lumen, IP ratings, and CRI. As a result, customers face difficulties when they are presented with a dozen choices.
  • High costs: The lack of knowledge gives intermediaries the advantage to amass higher profits. Intermediaries will convince you to buy extra lights and hire experts for your projects because it is their way of making money.
  • The light sourcing process is time-consuming and hectic: Proposals after proposals will land on the table for evaluation. Modifications are limited and will take weeks to finish. Consequently, it not only adds to the extra labour and costs but also results in unwanted delays for the buyer. 
  • Vulnerable contracts: Written agreements between buyers and sellers are prone to alteration. The contracts offer no protection for both buyers and sellers.
  • Outdated payment methods: Payment processing and clearing process is still obsolete and sometime may take even up to ten days for clearance. On top of that, payment processors and banks also charge a hefty fee which adds to the overall costs.

BuyAnyLight: The Solutions

  1. Get free consultancy from the experts: You don’t have to be an expert to explore the BAL platform. All you need is to submit your RFQ by writing down the products you need. You also have the option of just uploading the photo of the LED you to need, and our AI-based matching engine will do the rest. 
  2. Get the most competitive pricing: Sourcing LED lights through the BAL platform will reduce the prices by up to 90%. BuyAnyLight removes the participation of intermediaries and offers an excellent return for contractors and consultants. Take, for example, a bollard light that when buying from big brands will cost you around USD 450. With BAL, a product of similar quality, same design, and identical material will cost you USD 25 only. Being a BAL user is a win-win situation for both individual customers or corporate buyers.
  3. Sourcing process simplified: With the BAL platform, users get easy access to quality light products. All they need is to submit their requirements by filling a Request for Quotation form (RFQ). Based on that, the AI-based matching engine takes bids from the right manufacturer, ensuring that the buyer gets the best products at the most affordable rates. Unlimited revisions for the RFQ are allowed, and it won’t cost you extra. The BAL platform will expedite everything to follow through the user’s project timeline.
  4. Trustless payments enabled by Smart Contracts: The BAL platform utilizes smart contracts to protect both buyers and sellers. These programmable contracts are self-executing. They are immutable and irreversible, meaning that complete transparency and security are added into the payment process to avoid fraudulent transactions.
  5. Instant and secure payment processing: BuyAnyLight platform uses BAL Token for payment processing, ensuring that payments are fast and reliable. The fees are incredibly low, which benefits both buyers and sellers.

We believe that with its innovative platform, the BuyAnyLight project has the capacity to revolutionize the LED light industry completely. Moreover, the BAL Platform has also the potential to evolve into an ecosystem that is beyond LED. Take for example the construction industry, which still uses outdated methods for sourcing raw materials. It thus implies a considerable potential for growth in the future.

Presently, the BuyAnyLight project offers investment opportunities whereby it allows private round investment starting from the minimum ticket of USD 5000. By December, the management further plans to provide an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) whereby it enables typical traders, even those with low capital, as USD 100, to participate in the token sale and contribute towards the project. We believe that with the BAL Tokens being offered at USD 0.2 per BAL during the private sale round, BuyAnyLight is offering a lucrative investment opportunity with an ROI of 51.2% within two months.

A highly profitable proposal awaits those who are interested in such a project. Check, get your discounted tokens now!

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