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Blockchain in recent times has been a forerunner to drive the traditional industries into a more integrated ecosystem. Though businesses and different market sectors seek to leverage on the advancement of blockchains, the lighting sector, despite being a vital market, is still yet to harness the capabilities of blockchain and decentralization.

The lighting industry, in recent times, hasn’t progressed as it should be. Traditional lighting is energy-consuming, which is not expensive but is also harmful to the environment. The LED lighting technology and an energy-efficient alternative is projected to gain up to 95% shares in the next five years.

This makes the LED Lighting industry an exceedingly lucrative industry that deserves upgrades and modifications.

The principal objective of the BuyAnyLight (BAL) platform is to deploy the LED lighting industry on the modern-age blockchain technology. It strives to resolve the issues faced by users while acquiring high-quality yet reasonably priced LED lights. BAL acts as a bridge between buyers and manufacturers, whereby all buyers need to provide their requirements, and its AI-based matching engine presents that order to the right manufacturers for bidding. All bidding activities are recorded on a blockchain, ensuring that anyone in the system can do no manipulation.

Once the bidding is completed, the best quote is presented to the buyer. Upon confirmation, the buyer makes a payment that is secured by blockchain-based Smart Contracts and is released only once the buyer has received the ordered items.

BuyAnyLight is also integrating into its platform the usage of its native token, i.e., BAL Token, which will be used for making payments within the ecosystem. It allows its users to purchase LED lights from the myriad of manufacturers on the platform. On the other hand, sellers within the BAL system are given the capabilities of listing their products, eradicating extra cost for product advertisement.

We believe that by resolving the major issues faced by consumers and manufacturers dealing in the lighting industry, the BuyAnyLight project has a potential to revolutionize the entire lighting market sector.

Currently, BuyAnyLight is offering its Pre-IEO sale, whereby purchasers can get a 17.5% discount on the IEO Price. To participate in the token sale, click here!


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