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Are you planning to upgrade your existing home lighting to the more advanced and energy-efficient LED cost-effectively? Do you want to acquire high-quality products at the most affordable rates while ensuring there is no payment risk involved?

Well, you should be, as your home deserves a custom lighting solution using LED lights that are energy-efficient, eco‐friendly, and save you lots of money on electricity bills. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not lighting experts, and the quotes they receive from local lighting companies are far too high.

At BuyAnyLight MyHome, we’ve got you covered!

The BuyAnyLight MyHome is an innovative LED sourcing platform that gives you access to experts, saves you time, and helps you make incredible savings on your lighting purchases for your home and villas. We offer lighting specialists, and our goal is to provide you with the best lighting solution for your home at the best possible price. We provide you with quality products that will meet all your lighting objectives, and crucially — at a fraction of the quotes you’d receive from local lighting companies.

But, BAL doesn’t stop there. We offer you the option of a one‐to‐one consultation with a lighting expert who can help you with any unique needs of your project. It enables individual homeowners, including those with no experience, to get expert consultation and purchase world-class light products at an economical price. We believe that adding custom LED lights to your home not only enables you to save energy and money but also helps protect our planet and gives a far greater range of aesthetic and design choices.

How does it work?

To start, visit our website and register yourself as a buyer.

Once you have logged in,

i) choose the My Home package.

ii) Upload your lighting requirements, or share pictures with us of the lighting that you are currently using in your home.

iii) Our team of experts will explore the best technology and design options and present you with a quote for your LED light project quickly and efficiently.

iv) Accept the quotation and make payment.

v) That’s it.

BuyAnyLight MyHome protocol disintermediates the process of light sourcing by utilizing smart contracts and blockchain, which not only result in reduced fee but also adds to the trust, plus you’ll also get huge savings on electricity bills— no more dealing with local stores that exploit your inexperience and sell you their old stock at high prices! BAL raises the quality, lowers the costs, and gives you a far more pleasing outcome all round.

Why is BAL the best lighting solution option for homeowners?

• Zero Risk- With Smart Contracts, Tokenized Payments, and Blockchain-based secure and transparent transactions, the BAL MyHome platform is designed to put homeowners at zero risks with their orders. Order with no upfront payments and get access to world‐class lighting solutions at the lowest possible prices, ensuring that you get complete peace of mind.

• Concierge Level Support – We understand that many homeowners have limited LED lighting knowledge. That’s why we have a support expert standing by to guide you through the entire procedure, from submitting your requirements to receiving your LED at your door.

• The Best Prices – When we said that BuyAnyLight offers the best possible price in the world for LED lighting around the world, we meant it. By using BAL, you’ll save up to 90% compared to sourcing your LED lights through other channels.

• Hassle-Free- The BAL online system is seamless and easy to use. Simply choose a package, upload your requirements, receive your BAL quote, approve and make the payment, and your beautiful new LED lights will arrive at your doorstep!

To learn more about BAL MyHome and how it works, please check out the video below. Video Link:

The BuyAnyLight project is currently holding a Pre-IEO sale, whereby it is allowing its buyers to get access to the platform by purchasing BAL Tokens at a discounted price of USD 0.25 per Token. This is a 17.5% Discount on the IEO price. Get your tokens now at If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or contact us at any of our social channels.  

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