How does BuyAnyLight aim to be the Industry Leader?

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Whether you’re an individual sourcing light for a personal project, a lighting company or a consultant managing a project, you’ll all face similar challenges: you need to seek out and inspect a wide variety of products, compare prices and choose the best offer – always with a keen eye on project deadlines and worry about the payments. What’s more, the LED world is full of poor quality products (often at very high prices). It’s a time‐ consuming, a stressful minefield.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) is an online platform that strives to resolve all issues by making the process of buying, selling, sourcing, and design consultation as seamless and without trustless. Although there exists a variety of existing vendors, who can help you source LED products, yet their sourcing process is hectic and outdated. Moreover, they also involve a big number of third-party intermediaries, which makes the process complicated and expensive, not to mention these platforms work only with a small number of selected manufacturers on a commission basis. Consequently, a buyer has a limited variety to choose from while also having to pay a higher fee.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) revolutionizes the light sourcing process by providing a ready-to-use platform where all you need as a buyer is to list down your requirements and that too in an effortless way e.g., by uploading pictures of the light products you need. Once your requirements are submitted, the Light Finder Smart Matching engine presents it to a big set of manufacturers who deal with the same lighting products that you require. They bid in a trustless manner, and the best bid is presented to the buyer directly in his dashboard — no more intermediaries, retailers, or third party vendors and crucially – at a fraction of the quotes you’d receive from local lighting companies.

We believe that BuyAnyLight has the potential to serve as a replacement for centralized marketplaces of lighting products and traditional sourcing process, with the capacity to expand to other business areas as well. We are confident that the trustless execution of light sourcing is a business that will grow, adding trust among the parties with the evolution of blockchain and transactions carried out on the distributed ledger platform, providing quality LED products in a seamless, secure, and cost-effective way.

With the BAL Platform, you get a one-stop platform for all of your lighting needs! You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you choose to work with BuyAnyLight! Simply register online, then choose a package that suits your needs.


BuyAnyLight platform is currently hosting a Pre-IEO round sale, which will be carried out until 30th of January, 2020. Participants of the token-sale will have the advantage of a 17.5% token discount during the event. We are glad to invite you to join us, click the link to enter our private token sale today!  

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