How is BuyAnyLight helping the transformation from traditional lighting to LED?

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Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing energy consumption, and reduced electricity bills for every household. Using generic or traditional lighting in this post‐millennial age is like travelling by horse in the 21st century! You deserve a custom lighting solution using LED lights that are energy-efficient, eco‐friendly and something that saves you lots of money on electricity bills. 

However, when it comes to the sourcing of the LED lights on a relatively medium or large scale, the LED lighting industry still uses conventional and ineffective methods for sourcing, with marketplaces controlled by third-party mediators and payments often getting stuck either with a client or because of defected product delivery. This not only adds to the cost but also makes the process hectic and time-consuming. Consequently, suppliers often miss out on contracts while contractors or builders miss their deadlines. Similarly, private homeowners who lack the expertise and knowledge about LED products often purchase subpar products at higher prices.

BAL is an online platform that revolutionizes the light sourcing Industry by streamlining the process of buying, selling, sourcing, and consultation for light products. It uses modern-age technologies such as blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI, and Big Data to ensure that buyers get the best LED lighting products at the most reasonable rates. 

There indeed exists a multitude of light sourcing platforms. However, they work only to ensure that your project gets lighting products from a small list of selected companies. The companies hire lighting designers to choose for you from selected brands, which not only add to the cost but also result in unwanted delays. These designers create an approved vendors list for the project — with items they have selected for the lighting design proposal — and hand over their work to the respective project consultants. 

We believe that this will change completely with BuyAnyLight, whereby your request for quotation is presented to over 300 manufacturers, who do open bidding, from which the most reasonable offer is selected and presented to the buyer. Furthermore, all payments are secured by blockchain based self-enforceable Smart Contracts, meaning that payments are released once you have received your products. 

The BAL Platform will serve as a replacement for centralized e-commerce marketplaces of lighting products, with the capacity to expand to other business areas as well. We believe that adding custom LED lights to your space not only enables you to save energy and money but also helps protect our planet and gives a far greater range of aesthetic and design choices.

In the coming years, the LED Lighting industry is expected to reach USD 112.5 Billion, which will primarily relate to energy-saving and digitization. Along with government mandates for energy efficiency, growing consumer awareness about the environment and the durability of these lights are the drivers for the growing adoption of LEDs. We believe that BuyAnyLight will be a key industry player, and its early supporters will have an active role in the transformation of this market sector.  

If you share the same vision with us, you can participate in our token sale, whereby we are offering BAL Tokens at a discounted rate of USD 0.25 Per BAL Token. Join our Pre-IEO Token Sale Now!

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