Buyanylight: Its origin and how it aims to resolve the issues faced by lighting industry

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BuyAnyLight (BAL) Platform, a project of Almani Lighting GmbH, Germany, is a state-of-the-art light sourcing platform based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, with a strong presence in the Middle East and European markets. Founded in 2015, parent company Almani Lighting was established with a mission of providing high quality LED lighting at reasonable costs and has been offering quality lighting solutions not only across Germany but also establishing a strong presence in Dubai, UAE. We have broad competency in information technology (IT) and software development, which has helped to grow into one of the leading UAE based LED suppliers.

The parent company i.e., Almani Lighting, despite its success in the field of light sourcing, still uses a physical lighting store and infrastructure while also utilizing outdated methods for light sourcing. Considering the experience we have gained within the market and based on our experience in the industry, we realized there was a strong demand for quality LED lights at a reasonable cost in the global sphere, not just on the local level. We also realized there was no online lighting consultation available, no trusted platform out there where individual and b2b buyers could get a consultancy for their entire project and the lights at reasonable prices as well.

And that is where BuyAnyLight comes into play. Its blockchain deployed platform help us make the light sourcing process seamless and cost effective. Not only for individual buyers and home owners, the BAL Platform also enables businesses, consultants, contractors or even retailers to list down their requirements in a dedicated buyer Inquiry on our platform, and our AI power matching engine ensures that they get the best products from the best manufacturers at a far lesser price compared to market price.

We believe that with ALMANI, we have built a strong supplier network and developed all our knowledge within the LED industry. We now have one of the most significant LED portfolios, and we have put our entire expertise for sourcing LEDs and understanding the needs of an LED buyer into BAL to make this accessible globally level! The BAL Platform can establish itself as a worldwide platform for all sorts of LED lighting needs.

Enabling Trustless payments and risk-free transactions. 

In most business transactions executed in companies such as Almani Lighting, there is a trust deficit among the transacting parties, i.e., buyers and sellers. On the BAL Platform, you enjoy a 100% payment protection guarantee because blockchain based Smart Contracts secure your payment until you get what you asked for. We use Smart Contracts, which work as self-exciting contracts so you can get consultation and product selection in a trusted environment, without having to pay any upfront costs. Furthermore, your payment is secured with BAL until the goods reach their destination. BAL acts as the trustee for every transaction, so your funds are safe with us.

Our goal is to ensure that your light sourcing project is seamless and hassle‐free. That’s why we allow you to chat directly with BAL experts until you’ve chosen and confirmed your deal. Even then, we serve as trustee for your payments and handle logistics, so you get your order safely and on time. Just upload your project requirements via BAL’s user‐friendly interface, then sit back while our team of experts presents you with the best possible solution and an excellent quote!

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose when you choose to work with BuyAnyLight!

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