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We are glad to share that we are offering a referral campaign for BuyAnyLight Pre-IEO sale, whereby you earn you a commission of up to 10% (In BTC/ETH) on the tokens purchase via your unique link.

To create your unique link, register on, and click on Referral Link Button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Once you have created your unique referral link, you can share it with your friends, family or followers, and each sale made via the respective link would earn you a commission of up to 10%. A detailed breakdown of the commission allocation is given below:

  • 10% for up to 5000 BAL Tokens purchased
  • 7.5% for up to 10000 BAL Tokens purchased
  • 5% for anything above 10000 BAL Tokens purchased

Note: This is a limited time offer and is reserved for Pre-IEO Sale only.

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