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Blockchain in recent times has been a forerunner to drive the traditional industries into a more integrated ecosystem. Though businesses and different market sectors seek to leverage on the advancement of blockchains, the lighting sector, despite being a vital market, is still yet to harness the capabilities of blockchain and decentralization.

The lighting industry, in recent times, hasn’t progressed as it should be. Traditional lighting is energy-consuming, which is not expensive but is also harmful to the environment. The LED lighting technology and an energy-efficient alternative is projected to gain up to 95% shares in the next five years.

This makes the LED Lighting industry an exceedingly lucrative industry that deserves upgrades and modifications.

The principal objective of the BuyAnyLight (BAL) platform is to deploy the LED lighting industry on the modern-age blockchain technology. It strives to resolve the issues faced by users while acquiring high-quality yet reasonably priced LED lights. BAL acts as a bridge between buyers and manufacturers, whereby all buyers need to provide their requirements, and its AI-based matching engine presents that order to the right manufacturers for bidding. All bidding activities are recorded on a blockchain, ensuring that anyone in the system can do no manipulation.

Once the bidding is completed, the best quote is presented to the buyer. Upon confirmation, the buyer makes a payment that is secured by blockchain-based Smart Contracts and is released only once the buyer has received the ordered items.

BuyAnyLight is also integrating into its platform the usage of its native token, i.e., BAL Token, which will be used for making payments within the ecosystem. It allows its users to purchase LED lights from the myriad of manufacturers on the platform. On the other hand, sellers within the BAL system are given the capabilities of listing their products, eradicating extra cost for product advertisement.

We believe that by resolving the major issues faced by consumers and manufacturers dealing in the lighting industry, the BuyAnyLight project has a potential to revolutionize the entire lighting market sector.

Currently, BuyAnyLight is offering its Pre-IEO sale, whereby purchasers can get a 17.5% discount on the IEO Price. To participate in the token sale, click here!


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BuyAnyLight (BAL), a project that shares its origin with Almani Lighting, has recently launched its Pre-IEO sale offering.

This round was stared on November 1st, 2019. It will continue until January 31st, 2020, whereby it is allowing all small and medium-size ticket investors to purchase BAL Tokens at discounted pricing and in doing so, contribute to the growth of the project.    

This can be considered a remarkable deal for the early buyers as instead of paying 0.30303 per BAL token (the IEO price), you only have to pay 0.25. Moreover, the minimum purchasing limit is also significantly lowered to USD 50. To participate in the token sale, you can visit the website and enter the amount you want to purchase. The next step is to enter your preferred payment currency, make the payments, and perform your KYC, and that is it, you have successfully bought your BAL Tokens.  

Acceptable currencies: US Dollars, Euros, Bitcoin, and Ethereum 

Why Participate in the BuyAnyLight Pre-IEO Sale?

  • Lower Investment Limits (Starting from USD 50) 
  • 17.5% Discount on the IEO Price
  • Potential to generate 21.5% on your purchase made during this phase 
  • BuyAnyLight (BAL) is associated with Almani Lighting which is a leading light sourcing company in the UAE market
  • Buy Any Light is a fully established marketplace. You can start sourcing lighting products now at your website
  • Buy Any Light Platform offers a seamless and user-friendly Interface
  • BuyAnyLight offers filtered quotations that add to the convenience for buyers
  • BuyAnyLight Platform enables trustless payments
  • Lowest prices for buyers by connecting them with the right manufacturers while ruling out the role of retailers
  • Sellers can enjoy the benefits of e-commerce without having to develop a front-end store
  • Reduced transaction costs enabled by blockchain and tokenized payments
  • Liquidity to the token offered through tokenization and listing on crypto-asset exchanges
  • Providing a token with by real-life utility 
  • SEED Round Investment of USD 2 Million is already achieved 

Who is eligible to purchase BAL tokens? 

  • The purchaser must be of legal age, at least 18 years old, who can fulfill all the eligibility criteria and residency requirements. Legally competent to utilize the website and will uphold the virtue never to violate the terms and conditions of the contracts.
  • A purchaser must not be a citizen or resident of geographic location that prohibited cryptocurrencies transactions.

It is imperative to mention that the BAL Platform has already been developed and is available for usage on So unlike traditional startups that are selling dreams, the BuyAnyLight project has utilized its own resources, time, and efforts for the last one and a half years and has created a fully operational platform. 

It is now time for the community and the angel investors to support the project further and help it grow, together, to disrupt the global LED industry with a potential of over 112.5 Billion Dollar industry within the next five years.

Get Your Tokens Now

Want to know more about the project or its potential as a lucrative investment opportunity? 

Check the white paper here

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Why is BAL the best lighting solution in existence?

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Dealing with lighting suppliers could be hectic and costly, especially when you have to contact multiple suppliers, retailers, or even handle the logistics. Consequently, you get distracted by focusing on your local business. Imagine there is an alternative solution, someone who is expert in this and can do this for you in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

Introducing BuyAnyLight, a state of the art platform aiming to simplify the light sourcing process, so that anyone — a homeowner, a contractor, an architect or a designer — can get access to quality lighting products in most competitive market rates. It handles all the work for you so that you can focus on your business. Starting from taking your requirements to suggesting the right LED products, dealing with manufacturers to taking care of everything in terms of supply chains, streamlining the process of getting your products from manufacturers to your warehouse, the BAL Platform manages all. Thus, helping you increase efficiency and reduce costs.

BuyAnyLight: Providing you free of cost design consultancy:

A great thing about lighting is that it can create a prominent aesthetic ambience, which can have a direct effect on elevating one’s mood. However, to achieve that, one needs to utilize the right lighting products, with the right color, lumen, and intensity, and that is where BAL Design Consultants comes into play. Our highly skilled LED lighting designers will help you to create the most suitable lighting design for your home, office, or tower, ensuring to bring your LED lighting design dreams to life. We don’t just provide lights: we also offer one-to-one access to our world-class consultants who will work with you and provide expert advice from project start-up to the final glorious switch-on!

The BAL Platform also solves the trust issues faced by lighting companies, businesses, and individuals while sourcing LED light for their business or projects. It strives to ensure that your light sourcing experience is seamless and hassle-free, while the payments remain trustless and secured, ensuring that they are released only once you have received what you had ordered for.

The BAL Platform AI-powered matching engine analyses your requirements and presents you with a solution that caters to your needs and budget. A distinctive advantage that you get significantly lower pricing compared to buying it from eCommerce sites or traditional retailers. We create powerful applications that process massive data and leverage relationships with manufacturers to provide the finest products, the best prices, and top-notch services globally.

So, if you are looking for lighting products for your Villa, Office, or Tower, submit your requirements now and let our matching engine and highly expert consultants do the magic for you!

Submit Your Requirements Now


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How will BuyAnyLight contribute to the cause of energy conservation?

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Few people consider where electricity comes from when they flip on a light or push the start button on a computer. Almost everyone in the developed world has grown up in homes that were powered by electricity. This makes it very easy to take energy for granted, without realizing the cost to both the environment and to your bank account.

The truth is that all energy produced and used has an impact on the environment. Even energy from completely natural sources impacts the earth. For example, even the energy from a lightning strike of a tree often results in the tree being burned. How detrimental that impact is will be determined by the type of energy and the amount used, meaning that the more the energy is consumed a certain component or product, the more impact it has on the environment. 

For that, in the recent few decades, people and organizations have initiated worldwide campaigns with the aim of energy-saving and energy conservation, leading to initiatives such as Energy Saving or Energy Star standards, etc.  Consequently, saving energy is a major concern of everyone, whether in the developing or developed world as it has a direct impact not only on the environment but also on the bills that they pay.

LED Lighting is the most effective alternative for energy conservation

When it comes to lighting, LED lighting has become a strong alternative for traditional incandescent or CFL bulbs. While CFLs use 25-35% of the energy used by incandescent bulbs, but if you really want to make the biggest environmental impact on the environment, choosing LEDs is the way to go. Residential LEDs, especially those rated by ENERGY STAR, use more than 75% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent lighting. notes that by 2027, the widespread use of LEDs could save about 348 TWh of electricity, the equivalent of the annual electrical output of 44 electric power plants (1000 megawatts each). It’s also a total savings of more than $30 billion at today’s electricity prices. Moreover, while LED lighting saves energy consumption and helps us reduce bills, it also helps protect our precious planet and provides far greater aesthetic and design opportunities.

Sourcing LED lighting today is hectic

However, choosing and buying LED locally is often complex a hectic process as buyers, often, are not aware of the design specifications such as IP ratings, Lux calculations, etc. Consequently, they usually buy the wrong products at expensive rates.

Introducing BuyAnyLight  

The BuyAnyLight (BAL) platform is here to resolve all such issues by harnessing the power of blockchain, AI, Big Data, and Smart Contracts. It offers a user-friendly interface where buyers, whether homeowners, contractors, consultants, or contractors, can seamlessly list down their requirements and submit their request for quotations (RFQs). Based on the requirements submitted, the AI-Powered BAL Matching engine connects them with the right manufacturers, ensuring that quality LED lighting products are delivered to the customer at the right price.

The BuyAnyLight platform helps you source the LED lights with professional precision and ensure that buyers get the world-class products and service at far better pricing compared to retailers. It makes the process automated and removes the role of intermediaries. Moreover, as the platform is powered by its native token i.e., BAL Token, payments are trustless, secure, and instant. To add to this, buyers who seek consultancy in designing their homes or buildings, the BuyAnyLight platform, also offers free of cost consultancy, enabled by its expert designing team. 

BAL contributing towards greener, energy efficient lighting solutions

We believe that by making the sourcing process more efficient by making it seamless, transparency, and trustless, the BuyAnyLight platform has the potential to transform the lighting industry. Consequently, this will help buyers get the energy-efficient LED products in far better prices, which would not only benefit the buyers and the sellers but also add significantly towards the global campaign of energy conservation.

Note: The BuyAnyLight platform has recently launched its Pre-IEO Token sale, whereby it is allowing tokenized investments into the project. The minimum investor ticket is USD 50. During this phase, BAL Token is offered at a discounted price of 17.5% which is an ROI of 21.21% on the IEO price. To get your tokens now, click here!

Save More on LED Projects with BuyAnyLight My Home

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Little things can make a big difference in the world we live in. Our small actions and decisions could establish a great impact on the environment. These days, energy conservation is a global campaign whereby researchers, governments and organizations are emphasizing in adoption of smarter and energy-efficient solutions, of which, LED Lighting technology can be rightly regarded as the global leader considering its durability, long lasting life and energy efficiency.

LED might be a four-decade-old invention, but the adoption of this product is considerably lower even in developed countries. Don’t you think it is a good start if we begin using LED in every home?

What are the benefits of using LED?

1. Energy Efficient

LEDs are energy efficient. LED uses a minimal percentage of energy to emit light. It saves almost 90% of energy compared to traditional lightings like halogen and incandescent. The usage of LED lights helps reduces the emission of heat energy that will help reduce the cost of the electricity bill in your home.

2. Long Lasting

LEDs have a longer lifespan. LEDs have a life span ranging from 60,000 to 80,000 hours. It is 25x longer than the conventional lights everyone is using right now. High-quality LED is believed to last up to 7 years, even with constant usage. Frequent maintenance and bulb replacement are no longer needed because of the LED life expectancy.

3. Safe to use

LEDs are safe to use. LED is known to convert heat into light energy, which means it does not heat up easily. LED uses a small amount of power to light up, while regular incandescent bulbs require 5x more power. LEDs can be used longer without emitting heat, thus reduce the potential dangers of burns and fires.

4. Environment-Friendly

LED is environment friendly. LEDs are mercury-free and do not contain toxic materials. LED converts heat energy to light, which means that it won’t contribute to global warming. Additionally, the production of LED makes less impact on the environment compared to the regular lighting most people are using.

Problems faced by buyers

Although, the trend as discussed above is that businesses and homeowners from across the globe are now shifting to LED lights. However, the sourcing process is still hectic, expensive, and involves intermediaries, which add to the overall cost. Moreover, buyers face difficulties in choosing the right products and designs for their homes. When homeowners try (do it yourself) DIY for their housing projects, they end up spending more than they should. They also have issues with the acquisition because they don’t have an idea about the correct specifications of the products. Those were few of the hurdles for homeowners, and intermediaries take advantage of such an opportunity to double the cost.

BuyAnyLight: The Solution

The innovative BuyAnyLight Platform resolves all such issues by making the LED Light sourcing process simple, cost-effective, and without involving third parties. The BuyAnyLight (BAL) Platform provides a dedicated protocol called My Home, which offers an innovative matching engine helping you get the right LED product at the right price.

With BAL My Home, homeowners will no longer have to go through the otherwise complicated process. All a buyer needs to do is register for free, upload their project requirements, and the BAL My Home matching engine with a combination of BAL lighting experts will work instantly on the project. Get hassle-free quotations without waiting for long — no more extra effort in arranging meetings after meetings for quotes and designs.

Get Expert Design Consultancy for Free!

Moreover, with our highly skilled lighting architects, homeowners will be able to enjoy different lighting designs created and catered, especially for a buyer’s lighting needs. Homeowners also have the option of changing the design depending on their preference, and My Home support team will be glad to help. Consultations from our experts will be provided for the duration of the project to make sure that only the best results are achieved.

The Best Prices:

The standout feature of the BAL Platform is that homeowners will be able to enjoy all these perks with the best price package possible. BAL My Home doesn’t just provide quality service for the designs, quotations, and consultations, but it will be able to provide LED lighting products that are cost-effective.

Getting Started

Imagine building an environment-friendly home for the best price possible without hassle. Register for BuyAnyLight My Home package today and get the most reasonable offers and solutions for your home project.

Start your contribution to the environment. Register for Free with BuyAnyLight and Save More on Your Home Project!

Order Your Lights Now


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Thank You, 10K BuyAnyLight Followers!

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We made an announcement a while ago that the BuyAnyLight (BAL) Telegram community reached 10K followers and is still growing fast. We are truly grateful for the continuous interest from the community and their unwavering support. It is amazing to see the active participation of the community members and their optimistic project on the BAL project.

We are thankful to the community members, our support team and the marketing team for achieving this milestone in such a short duration. We value the feedback received from our 10,000 enthusiastic members. The year 2019 has been the most fruitful year for BuyAnyLight and we will continue to strive harder to continue the project as per the roadmap.

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BuyAnyLight: Your Next Investment Option

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Are you looking for a lucrative investment opportunity? BuyAnyLight Platform might be the next best option for you. The BuyAnyLight Platform, which shares its origin from Almani Lighting GmbH, Aachen Germany is now inviting prospective investors to participate in a high-ROI private round sale.

What Makes BuyAnyLight Standout Among Others?

BuyAnyLight enables automation of the LED light sourcing by providing a dedicated platform where a buyer can simply list down all of his requirements. Based on the RFQ submitted, the AI and Machine Learning powered BAL matching engine will help buyers get the right proposals from the right manufacturers at a far lesser price compared to retailers or suppliers.

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BuyAnyLight: 5/5 Rating Achieved!

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BuyAnyLight, a modern-age platform aiming to revolutionize the LED lighting industry, has recently secured the highest rating, i.e., 5/5 from ICO Benchy. The score is given by ICO Benchy, which is an AI-based automated system that intelligently evaluates a project using machine-learning algorithms, without leaving any room for bias. It measures a project by many factors, including but not limited to social exposure, team background and expertise, and product presentation.

Moreover, it important to mention that the ICO Bench also offers evaluation by experts, and we are glad to share that, so far, we have been rated by two experts, and our score is 4.7/5, ranking us as the number 1 within the ICO Bench.

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BuyAnyLight Participated in the Light Middle East 2019

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The recently concluded 14th Light Middle East in Dubai, UAE, showcased the current technological breakthrough of the lighting industry. The changing market gave birth to exciting and innovative products that unfolded during the event. Among those, one of the most innovative and promising project is the BuyAnyLight platform, which simplifies the process of LED light sourcing by utilizing AI, BigData, blockchain, Smart Contracts.

The ever-changing market dictates the lighting landscape in the global perspective. The large volume of LED lights needs to be furnished and distributed to buyers who are opting to a more environment-friendly home, spaces, and projects. The BuyAnyLight platform is an industry pioneer that utilizes blockchain-based decentralized model to allow homeowners, consultants or contractors to get access to the right LED lighting products in the right price. 

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BuyAnyLight Airdrop Campaign is Extended!

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Dear BuyAnyLight (BAL) Community,

We have received overwhelming support from our airdrop activity. Within a week, our telegram channel has grown to 8200; our Twitter has crossed 10000 followers, Facebook crossing 6000 followers, and LinkedIn with more than 4500 followers.

We are grateful to you all for your immense support and interest in the BAL Project.

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