Buyanylight: We Offer Solutions for All of Your Lighting Needs

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At BuyAnyLight, our utmost priority is to be the top choice LED lighting solution for all sorts of lighting products, whether residential or commercial. Learning from our industry experience of around half a decade with Almani Lighting LLC, Dubai, UAE, we have found out that the industry is still using outdated methods and tools for sourcing. Consequently, there exists a significant trust deficit between light sourcing companies and buyers, which often result in unwanted product deliveries and delayed payments. Moreover, the payment process is hectic and mainly involves several payment processors or banks, which not only hinders the process but also adds to the costs.

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BuyAnyLight is Hosting a Social Bounty for All

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BuyAnyLight is hosting a Social Bounty Campaign for crypto enthusiasts, whereby it strives to incentivize Instagram and Reddit users for performing small tasks such as following, sharing, and liking the BuyAnyLight posts.

Before we go into the details of the bounty, let us give you a brief overview of the BuyAnyLight platform and its native token i.e., BAL Token. BuyAnyLight (BAL) offers a fully operational light sourcing platform with its aim to provide smart, low cost, and energy-efficient lighting solutions for all sorts of consumers, i.e., homeowners, B2B businesses, contractors, and towers.

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BuyAnyLight is Joining the Light Middle East 2019

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BuyAnyLight (BAL) is delighted to take part in the 2019 Light Middle East event. Visitors and participants may find us at Booth No. H24, Hall 3 together with other exhibitors. Guests will be able to find BuyAnyLight within the German Pavilion, a well-founded support system for German trade and industry. We are more than proud to incorporate our German roots and values to the products and services we sell. 

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The Response of BuyAnyLight

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We recently posted about Bollards price comparison, and the response we got from experts and readers alike are considerable of high intelligence and power.

It is apprehensible that our post was taken out of context. We neither intend to devalue any brands nor contemplate of competing with them. The post objective is to show that there were other ways of acquiring bollards lighting at the most reasonable price. BAL is not an online store that could sell a $25 bollard in an instant. BuyAnyLight is a platform that offers a systematic way of connecting buyers and suppliers/manufacturers to achieve the most desirable results.

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BuyAnyLight: How It Can Transform the Lighting Industry?

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Blockchain has always been a forerunner to drive the traditional system into a more integrated ecosystem. Though businesses and different sectors seek to leverage on the advancement of blockchains, the world, in general, is not yet ready to embrace it. The lighting industry for an instance hasn’t progressed as it should be. The LED lighting technology is projected to gain up to 95% shares in the next 5 years. An exceedingly lucrative industry that deserves upgrade and modifications.

BuyAnyLight (BAL) main objective is to consolidate the LED lighting industry with blockchain technology. BAL hopes to resolve the adversities of acquiring high-quality yet reasonably priced LED lights. BAL is a platform that can securely connect buyers and suppliers through smart contracts and a safe payment system within an incorruptible record block.

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BuyAnyLight Launches BAL Token Airdrop Campaign

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BuyAnyLight, in its pursuit of giving back to the community, is launching an airdrop campaign for BAL Token — The Inherent Token within the BuyAnyLight ecosystem. 

The event is focused on raising awareness about the BuyAnyLight platform and as an appreciation for the support. BuyAnyLight is offering BAL Tokens worth of USD 4.5-38.5 (depending on the social tasks and referrals) to its new and existing users.

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